Legal policy applied to VIP members at's VIP store

VIP member policy

Last updated: 06 May 2013


Owners of a current, valid’s VIP card are entitled to download and use all products and add-on packs in the store.

Please review these terms carefully, as they are the terms that govern your purchase of’s VIP card and your use of’s software products and add-on packs available from our store. They set out your rights and obligations with respect to your VIP membership, including important limitations and exclusions regarding their download and use, customer care issues, and technical support for all products.

  • VIP members are end users: You can fully download and use all products and add-on packs in the store.

    In case you want to purchase our software for resale, please subscribe to our Affiliate program or contact us regarding an OEM contract, if appropriate.

    For information on’s Affiliate program, see our Affiliate page.

    For information on an OEM contract, please use this form to contact us, with the subject "About purchase, advertising inquiries, partnership."

  • Price of the VIP card is set by reserves the right to change the price for the VIP card at any time, and particularly to correct pricing errors that may appear in the store, without notice. We do not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price drop/change or any promotional offering.

  • The purchase of’s VIP card is processed by our retailer The entire process and any requirements to process the order are subject to all requirements maintained and stipulated by

  • Proof of purchase is sent to you via email to the email address included with your order.

  • VIP member account: Your VIP member account information will be included in the confirmation email you receive from as the proof of purchase.

    The account will give you access to all’s software products and add-on packages in the store, and to the unique, VIP member priority contact form for our Customer Support team with the VIP member priority.

  • VIP membership period: 18 months (from the date of purchase).

  • Products and Services available for VIP members:

  • + Products: All’s software products that are available at the store during your VIP membership period.

    The license (the serial number) provided for each software product is used to install the software onto one (1) and only one (1) computer.

    You will need to activate the license via the Internet after installation to get full access to the program.

    + Add-on packages: All add-on packages that are available at the store during your VIP membership period, including any parody voice packs, nickvoice packs, nickface packs, audio effect packs, and skin packs.

    + Services: The support services package for VIP members are set as follows:

    (1) Software downloading at any time, and

    (2) Unlimited software new build updating for every product, and

    (3) A total of twelve requests for a resetting of the products’ licenses (all products), and

    (4) Free upgrading to all new versions of any products that are available within the VIP membership period, and

    (5) Full technical support for the products.

  • VIP membership fee is non-refundable.


- reserves the right to change the duration of the VIP membership period and/or the support services for VIP member.

- Your use of software products is based on our End-User License Agreement and other terms and conditions in effect for the product at the time of installing. You will be asked to agree to the terms of the applicable agreement at the time that youinstall the software product.

- Making unauthorized modifications to any’s software products violates the software license agreement, and any resulting issues regarding the inability to use the software due to unauthorized software modifications are not covered under your product’s support services agreements.

- will not undertake requests for design changes, or new features, or new operating system compatibility, or add-on packs for any product.

- does not undertake the responsibility to make or update add-on packs available for all product lines, or product editions or versions.

- Technical support services are provided to help customers resolve technical questions and problems with’s software, or that are related to’s software. The services do not include computer training, software training, Internet training or any other general IT training regarding your computer.

- We only provide support services for our commercial products which are in our Mainstream support list. See the list here.

To understand more about our Refund policy, see our FAQ page.