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The handy set to repair voice and audio in real time!

The best Dads in the whole universe deserve the best audio home station and
voice mastering tool for their online jokes and relaxed moments.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 can help to ensure Dad will laugh hard
after he succeeded in entertaining everyone with his new female voice.

‘Cause being a father is the coolest job ever, the coolest discount 50% is dedicated
for you, Dads!

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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Dec 31

Voice Changer Softwave diamond 9.5.30

  • File Morpher Optimization: Make the most of your CPU cores to process multiple
    audio files at the same time; Speed up morphing process; Reduce crash issue.
  • Able to reset and start over your progress in Voice Recorder.
  • Pause is enabled during voice recording in Parody Maker.
  • Correctly display number of morphing files/successfullymorphed files in all cases.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

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