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We are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of you participating in these acts.


  1. On a secluded island beach.
  2. On a soft rug in front of a fire-place
  3. In the backyard under the stars.
  4. In the woods after it rains.
  5. In a public restroom.
  6. In a plane restroom.
  7. In a movie theater.
  8. On a train in the middle of the night.
  9. In bed with silk or satin sheets.
  10. In bed with rose petals all over.
  11. On the beach at night.
  12. Outside in the rain.
  13. In a hot tub.
  14. On a yacht during a full moon.  
  15. On top of a hill.
  16. In the car during heavy traffic.
  17. In the car on the side of a deserted road.
  18. In a hotel.
  19. In a state park.
  20. On a water-bed.
  21. In a barn full of hay.
  22. In a field full of wildflowers.
  23. On a roof-top.
  24. In an open field at night.
  25. By a waterfall with the water misting all around you.
  26. Under a waterfall.
  27. In your partner's bed.
  28. In the garage.
  29. On a jungle gym at night.
  30. Outside during sunset.
  31. On your patio, balcony, or deck on a starry night.
  32. In the mountains.
  33. On an abandoned air field.
  34. Under the full moon in wet grass.
  35. On a porch swing.
  36. In the living room during the day with the windows wide open.
  37. On a blanket beside a lake.
  38. In an elevator.
  39. On the bathroom floor.
  40. In your partner's parents room.

  41. In a sauna.
  42. In a very big bed.
  43. On the top bunk of a bunk bed.
  44. In a tent.
  45. At your office.
  46. On your office desk.
  47. On a boat deck with the waves gently rocking you.
  48. In a tree-house.
  49. In a department store restroom.
  50. In the restroom at a restaurant.
  51. In a hot air balloon.
  52. In a room filled with lit candles.
  53. In a bathtub.
  54. In the shower.
  55. In a cave.
  56. In a canoe on a river.
  57. On a baseball diamond at night.
  58. In a swimming pool.
  59. Next to a Christmas tree.
  60. At the bottom of the grand canyon.
  61. On a deserted island.
  62. In a beach house with a light breeze gusting outside.
  63. Off a beaten trail in the woods.
  64. In every room of your house.
  65. On a chair.
  66. On an air mattress.
  67. On your kitchen table.
  68. In a sleeping bag under the stars.
  69. On a paddle boat on a lake.
  70. In the bed of a truck on a hot summer night.
  71. In a room filled with balloons.
  72. In front of a video camera.
  73. On an old sheet with chocolate body frosting.
  74. On a bed surrounded by pillows.
  75. At a bed and breakfast.
  76. On your hotel balcony.
  77. In an old barn.
  78. In a corn field.
  79. In the back of a limo.
  80. Next to a campfire.
  81. On a golf course.
  82. In the car at a drive-in movie.
  83. On really plush carpet.
  84. In your house during a thunderstorm, with a window open and rain misting in.
  85. On a picnic table.
  86. In a hammock.
  87. On horseback.
  88. While scuba-diving.
  89. On a ferris wheel when you're stuck at the top.
  90. At a rest area

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