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Online Dating

One of the most important aspects of lovemaking is the seduction. Even if you have been active partners for a while, a good seduction goes a long way to heightening the enjoyment of lovemaking. What a great seduction would include:

Overt Seduction: Pouting lips and puppy dog eyes, soft kisses and touches around the neck, chest and groin area, whispering sweetly in his ear how much she wants him and how she knows he wants her too.

Power Seduction: The partner simply pulls her man away from whatever he is doing and starts to undress him, while pushing him towards the nearest comfortable area for lovemaking. This would be followed by her climbing on top and telling him what she is going to do to him. She would, of course, tolerate no arguments!

Covert Seduction: Using false pretenses to lure her partner into a lovemaking situation. Ideas for this seduction include this one:

"Go into your backyard on a chilly fall day and begin raking the leaves in a pile. Summon your mate to hold the bag open and then tell him to close his eyes. Then start putting articles of clothing in the bag and lay down in the leaves after you are naked. When you are in a seductive position, tell him to open his eyes for a big surprise."

Damsel In Distress Seduction: Call your mate into the bedroom to help you with something urgent. Once he has "rescued" you, reward him handsomely for his brave gallantry.

Classic Seduction: The Sensual Massage. The first step in giving a seductive massage is to identify the pleasure points on your partner's body. For example, the back of the neck, lower back and feet are the main pleasure points. The pleasure points are, however, different for everybody and the time spent researching what gives your partner maximum pleasure, is time that will be well rewarded later on.

A successful seduction entails one partner taking charge of the situation and using any means necessary to lure, not force, her man away from what he is doing, and into the bedroom.

More collected seduction ideas

For the daring...
This one is only for the daring. I did this one for my fiancé the other day, and he loved it so much. Ladies, put on one of your slinkiest dresses and dance for your man in candlelight. Put some saxophone music on, and dance seductively. This doesn't last for too long, though. Do what comes from your imagination. -Anonymous

Pick Each Other Up... Again!
It happened many years ago, but I can still remember it clearly! We needed something new in our relationship. We decided to go out dancing one night and pretend we did not know each other and HE had to make the first move to get me. It was perfect! All the seduction, the teasing... We played that game all night and when we got home, we were like a young couple again :) -Anonymous

The Perfect Rainy Day
Set a rainy day aside to be alone with your loved one, in a seductive dark room, and pamper them as they please. If you are a man, brush your woman's hair, and share secrets and feelings. Become best friends, it will bond two lovers together more than anyone could ever imagine. Give massages, back scratches, look at your partner and realize how beautiful they are... you will experience magic. -Andrea

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