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Have you ever wondered how to go about seducing your partner? Listen to people here and there to talk about their own experience.

To Seduce Her:

  • "One look from my fiancé and I am turned on, but if he slowly kisses my neck and licks the inside of my ear, I am his!" -Beequeen, 33

  • "Well, he would need his lips and hands to properly seduce me. I love to be teased and to be taken to the point where I think I will surely explode, and I have to beg for the release I'm after. He would have to touch all around the spots I want to be touched, but not quite giving me what I want." -Kissable, 25

  • "Provide the ambiance; this could be from candles, to music and dinner. Then, after dinner, a slow dance or two, where we both use our hands while moving to the music. Then, afterwards it's on as he sits me in a chair in the middle of the room and blindfolds me. There would be only candles and rose petals surrounding the chair as he slowly undresses me, but never lets me touch him. After he is done, he spreads my legs and places straps on my ankles as he places my arms behind the chair and does the same. He slowly begins kissing my neck and then caresses my body slowly, then I feel something cold on me as he gets the ice and runs it down the middle of my chest, to my navel and down as he places it inside me, with his finger, and then tongue. This is a seduction." -Nyki, 28

  • "He would need to whisper nice hot words on my ear while rubbing my shoulders and neck." -Lulu, 36

  • "He would have to take his time and move slow. Just for on night touch every part of me and look into my eyes. I would need to look in his eyes and to feel his body tighten when he touches me." -Marilyn, 18

  • "A man could successfully seduce me by assuming my answer is already YES, and staring into my eyes with a smile as if THIS is going to be the MOST fun he's had in decades. I like to give pleasure to someone who appreciates it and values it, and is willing to give me equally as much pleasure." -Colette, 40

To Seduce Him:

"She must call me up, and when I arrive she must start kissing me heavily and throw me on the bed and give me oral sex." -Ed, 29

"She must talk to me with a sexy look. Slowly move her fingers to my lips and throughout my bodies. Then whisper, "Make love to me." -Ashang, 24

"Sexy lingerie!" - Keith, 49

"She must undress herself in front of me." -Joel, 21

"She should play hard to get." -Anonymous, 24

"To successfully seduce me, all my partner would need to do is be waiting for me, lead me to the bedroom and kiss me seductively while undressing me. I love it when she takes charge and "forces" me to make love to her." Bob, 32

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