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Voice samples created by Voice Changer Software products


There are 3 things that voice changer software can do to your voice: change voice's gender, change voice's age, and apply advanced voice filters and effects.

Change voice's gender and age SAMPLES

Action Original Change gender Change age
Talking Warm male voice Cute girl voice Childdish girl voice
Singing Professional singer Rock girl Opera singer
Laughing Funny man Humorous girl Old man

All the voice samples in this page were created using AV Voice Changer Software programs. For best quality output, we highly recommend using AV Voice Changer Software 9.5 Diamond. Buy the Full version to have unlimited number of voice samples and effects!

apply advanced Voice filters & effects samples

Voice effects Original Changed
Simply Reverberation Forever young - Alphaville The Pray to God
Ghost, Instrutments In Water, Opera Flanger Cry cry for more - Maxitune Go to ancient war
Four At The Beginning Listen - Muh&Tjam Dance with your soul
Duo Hero - Mariah Carey Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston again?
Back Voice Strong anger - Metallica Full chaos of Rock
Flutter, Cool Stereo R.A.K.I - 8 miles Age of machine
Rain Drops Wanksta - 50 cents Unique concert of bells
Beauty Expand What you waiting for - Gwen Stefani Moment only for Rock
Big Room, Voice Morpher Nice man Empty cinema
Radio, Bad record, Voice Morpher Nice man Announcement on plane
Orchestra, Voice Morpher Professional singer Orchestra
Radio, Voice Equalizer, Voice Morpher Professional singer Music from old radio
Empty concert hall, Voice Morpher Funny man Sorcerer
Big Hall, Fre.Morpher Funny man Beast