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Upcoming features for AV Voice Changer Software 7.0


Available from build 7.0.38 of Voice Changer Software DIAMOND version 7.0.

The Batch File Morpher module allows users to apply the same nickvoice and/or morphing effects to a group of files at the same time. It also converts the file formats of these files if required. With this new feature, users can morph and/or change the file format for multiple files in a short time with just a click.

How does the new feature work?

  • Add the files you want to morph to a list, select the nickvoice and/or set the morphing parameters, set the new file format (if you want to change the file format), and click the Morph button. The same settings will be applied to all of the selected files.
  • Users can use their pre-saved *.nvc files (nickvoice layout files) for this morphing process. For instance, you were creating dialog for a character in a video voice over; you could record all the instance of that characters dialog in your normal voice, edit it until it was perfect, save each instance into separate files, then batch apply a nickvoice and/or morphing effects to all of them at once. Your voice characterizations would then all have the exact same sound.
  • The morphing effects applied can be any mix of Voice Morpher, Parody Mixer, and advanced effects found in the Advanced panel.
  • With a library of pre-saved nickvoices and your own saved effects, you can do all your recording in your normal voice and then sort, select and apply whatever effects you choose to each particular characterization, thereby saving a lot of time and guaranteeing a consistent and unique sound for each different character.
  • The new feature is only available in Voice Changer Software DIAMOND 7.0 - for the SAME price.
  • For owners of Voice Changer Software DIAMOND version 7.0 who are still in their product's full time support period, this product update is free. Sign in the account in our Support Center to download the update build.

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