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  Features / Editions DIAMOND GOLD BASIC  

Voice Morpher graph: Change voice’s pitch & timbre manually

  2-dimension graph Yes Yes Yes  
  Advanced Tune: Enhance a particular part of voice/sound Yes Yes Yes  
  Sample Rate: Choose the specific sample rate of input sound Yes Yes Yes  

Nickvoices: Preset voice settings

  Nickvoices for male 19 10 10  
  Nickvoices for female 11 10 10  
  Nickvoices for movie makers 19      
  Special nickvoices: Animal nickvoices 10 10    

Custom nickvoices: Save your own nickvoices for later use

Yes Yes Yes  

Batch File Morpher: Apply morphing effects to multiple files at the same time (NEW)

  Morph multiple files at a time Yes      
  Convert file format of multiple files at a time Yes      

Player: Play back audio/ sound files of different formats

  Play single file Yes Yes Yes  
  Play a list of multiple files Yes Yes Yes  
  Supported audio file formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, AIF, AU, IRC, NIST, APE, CDA, MP2, OGG, and ASF Yes Yes Yes  

Recorder: Record voice, played-back songs, streaming audio, etc.





Comparator: Compare voices for simulating purposes





  Voice samples for comparing 10 10 10  

Parody Maker: Defined a pre-saved voice as a parody voice





Parody Mixer: Mix up to 4 parody voices to create a new voice





  Parody samples for mixing   Yes Yes  

Voice Analyzer: Visualize voice’s 4 main characteristics





Advanced modules:

  Equalizer (16 presets - 10 equalizing bands) Yes Yes Yes  
  Audio Effects (30 effects) Yes Yes Yes  
  Frequency Morpher (2-dimension graph) Yes      
  Formant Morpher (Pitch, Smoothing, 4 Formant bands) Yes      
  Voice Equalizer (HiStrech, LowStrech, LoShift, Smoothing) Yes      
  Robot Voice (Frequency & Balance) Yes      
  Sound Limiter (Release & Attached time) Yes      
  Noise Reduction (Reduction & Threshold) Yes      
  Background Effects (70 effects) Yes Yes Yes  
  Non-human voices (8 presets) Yes Yes Yes  

Advanced settings:

  Nickvoice rules: set nickvoices for a certain application Yes Yes    
  Hotkeys: for nickvoices and main product’s functions Yes Yes    
  Ignore Filter: exclude certain applications from being morhped Yes Yes    
  Automatically start voice recording for an application Yes Yes Yes  
  Two working methods: Hook and Virtual Driver Yes Yes Yes  
  Built-in optimizing mode for online Games Yes Yes Yes  
  Transparent skin Yes Yes Yes  


  Seasonal packages of nickvoices and effects Free      
  Seasonal packages of parody voices Free      

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