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Voice Changer Software DIAMOND


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Voice Changer basic edition


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Voice Morpher
Change voice’s characteristics

Pitch-Timbre controls

Formant Pitch control


Voice Beautifying
(HiStrech, LowStrech, LoShift, Smoothing)


Make-up presets
(7 Voice Types & 11 Voice Qualities)


Vowel Enhancer
(Smoothing, 4 Formant bands)


Sound Quality
(Limiter & Noise Reduction)


Preset voice settings

Nickvoices for male

Nickvoices for female

Nickvoices for movie makers


File Morpher
Batch morph & convert pre-recorded files


Effect Library
List of available vivid effects to embellish output quality

Equalizer (16 presets & 10 equalizing bands)

Voice Effects (30 effects)

Background Effects (70 effects)

Non-human voices (8 presets)

Robot Voices (9 voices)


Audio Effects (40 effects)


Play back audio/sound files of different formats

Record voice, played-back songs, streaming audio, etc.

Voice-over Editor
Edit your morphing results partially or wholly


Compare voices for simulating purposes

Parody Maker
Defined a pre-saved voice as a parody voice


Parody Mixer
Mix up to 4 parody voices to create a new voice


Voice Analyzer
Visualize voice’s 4 main characteristics


Advanced Settings

2 working methods: Hook and Virtual Driver

Nickvoice Rules
Set nickvoices for a certain application


Promptly execute frequently used functions


Ignore Filter
Exclude certain applications from being morphed



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Seasonal packages of parody voices FREE    

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