AV Voice Changer Software 7.0 Gold
Truly cool voice recorder and and voice simulator

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Full specifications of AV Voice Changer Software Gold trial build

AV Voice Changer Software Gold


Version: 7.0.62
Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Languages: English(UK)
Category: Communications::Chat & Instant Messaging
License FREE Trial (14 days)
File size: 16.2 MB
Recent updates: Aug 28, 2015
What's new: Major update. (Update log)

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Features Trial Version Full Version
Using time 14 days Unlimited time
Preset nickvoices 3 males + 3 females 10 males +10 females
Pitch & timbre graph No Yes
Recording time 5 min Unlimited
Comparator voices 5 10
Parody Maker No Yes
Parody 4 parody voices 8 parody voices
Price 14-day free trial $39.95