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All the comments and compliments

All the comments and compliments

For the past 10 years, Peter Rodriguez has been producing film documentaries and local radio ad commercials in the New England area. To help decrease his production costs, he recently began using Voice Changer Software, and has consequentially greatly enhanced the audio quality of his productions.

"When I first started producing radio ads, I would hire several people to do different voices - men, women, etc. The cost and the time involved put a severe dent in my overall ad budget. Since I started using the Voice Changer Software, I have almost completely eliminated the need to outsource. Now, the majority of my ads are produced using my voice alone, only my voice has been tweaked and altered to sound like I hired a dozen people, both male and female. When consumers hear my ads, they have absolutely no idea that they are hearing my voice alone. The ability to add 2 dimensions to his voice - allowing him to adjust the pitch and the timbre at the same time - gives him the opportunity to create an unlimited number of voices/sounds. It also gives him the flexibility he needs when his clients are looking for a certain type of voice. He can even use the numerous, preset "nickvoices" if he doesn't want to create one himself.

What Peter likes the most about this software is that he can record sounds that aren't normally found here in coastal New England. For instance, he can add the sound of the busy subway, or of a helicopter flying by, or recreate the sounds heard in a crowded diner, and he can do this all with a simple click of his mouse. Combine this with the ability to parody voices - to sound like a celebrity - and your options for creativity are endless. "I have had clients in the past who have asked for celebrity impersonators to do the voiceovers in their ads. This costs a lot of money, not to mention the coordination of time/place, etc. Voice Changer Software allows me to take a celebrity voice and use it the way my client needs it to sound, and I can do that without even leaving the confines of my studio.

With enhanced noise reduction and unlimited technical support, Peter feels that he has finally found the answer to all of his audio prayers. "With Voice Changer Software, I have been able to offer my clients an infinite number of options for their project's needs. I can reproduce any voice, or I can fabricate an entirely new voice using just my own. The possibilities are endless."

Peter Rodriguez
Radio Commercial Producer
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