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All the comments and compliments

All the comments and compliments

It is Going to Save You $1000
But first I need to talk about chocolate.
By Jason Matthews (USA)

I love chocolate more than most people. Give me one little, teeny, tiny piece and I'll be clamoring for more. Since childhood I have been able to eat one pound of chocolate in 1 sitting and don't even get me started on Easter. That day is lethal. My childhood chocolate addiction was progressing nicely until one day in my late teens I discovered 2 things at the same time. Music and Computers. Music was just plain cool. Computers were not, unless of course, you happened to turn them into a recording studio but by installing the right chocolate - that is, I mean software.

Nine years and hundreds of pounds of chocolate later I'm still sitting in front of my computer making music. This time it isn't for high school composition class, it's for rock bands, pop groups, movies, and even computer games. I still love it, but the software that keeps me in the job and gives me the power and creativity that I love so much also has a nasty tendency to gnaw large holes in my wallet.

5 minutes ago, that changed forever. just released their new VIP card at For $200 you get access to everything has ever offered (normally $1,000) and everything has yet to offer (the new stuff from the labs, etc.) This includes ALL the updates, expansion packs and tutorials from now until eternity. If only offered chocolate.

Every single product offers is mindlessly easy to use and a lot of fun. You don't need any prior knowledge in music or movie making, just an idea or two. The software looks after all the technical stuff in the background so that all you have to worry about is your creativity and the location of your chocolate stash. You can check out their entire catalogue for free simply by clicking //

This is BY FAR the best offer has ever had. Not only do you save $1,000 now, but you will continue to save well into the future. If I had had access to a deal like this when I first started out, I would now be tens of thousands of chocolate bars better off.

Jason Matthews.

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