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All the comments and compliments

All the comments and compliments

I used to be a jingle writer and if you think listening to jingles drives you nuts, you should try writing them.

Apart from sending me partially insane, the jingle business was very good to me. Through it, I met lots of incredibly talented singers, guitarists, ad-execs, video guys and a myriad of outstandingly brilliant voice-over artists.

Before entering the jingle business, I used to think that voice-over artists had the easiest job in the world. Boy was I wrong. Vocalizing a voice-over is quite an art and there's way more to it than simply reading what's on a page. It's the stuff that's not on the page that makes all the difference and believe me, it's a BIG difference.

Hiring a voice-over guy used to be quite a big deal. Firstly you needed to book them in. They'd need to have a whole afternoon free to jump in the car, fight the traffic, go to the studio, do the job and go home again. As soon as they got home, there'd be a message on their phone from me, requesting them to do it all again as the client had requested some updates..... :)

This all changed with the arrival of software like Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Voice Changer Software Diamond gives voice over artists all the tools they need to record a professional voice over. They get all the tools I had in the studio (plus a voice-morphing tool that I didn't) all wrapped up in an easy-to-use interface giving them the freedom to concentrate on their art without having to worry about the technical stuff. More importantly, they can do the voice over jobs from home and email the finished product to clients, getting the job done faster and with less stress.

Everybody wins.

Voice Changer Software Diamond is quite an amazing product and makes doing voice-overs a whole lot easier. I highly recommend checking it out.

Hamish Robertson
Sound Engineer

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