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Surprise her
A romantic evening doesn't have to begin at sunset. Surprise your special someone with a gift during the day. And if she works, even better; that way she can flaunt you to all her jealous co-workers. Not only does an early surprise leave her feeling lovey-dovey, but it also builds anticipation to see you later on.

What should you send? Clichés aside, flowers are an ideal choice because most women appreciate a nice floral arrangement. But be sure to put some thought into the bouquet you choose. 

If she's got a sweet tooth, chocolates or candy are another option (Godiva works better than Hershey).

If you're feeling really motivated, get her something that she mentioned in passing, like that little antique necklace she noticed in the thrift shop window, or a bottle of her favorite perfume that she just finished. Keep your ears open and the ideas will flow.

And the card? Keep it short and sweet with a hint of what's to come. Something simple like, "Just thinking of you, can't wait to see you tonight..."

Create a romantic setting at home
The next phase of Operation Romance will be in the house, and you'll want to put some time aside to create an ambience that exudes romance. This involves selecting the perfect music, menu and lighting. If you're married or live with your woman, it may take some work to plan this out. Just pick a day when you know she has a lot of errands to run.

Personalize the music selection
The best way is a custom-made CD. So break out the burner on your PC, and pick a variety of songs that you know she'll be into. She'll appreciate the extra thought and effort.

Prepare the meal yourself
The most important rule about a romantic dinner can be summed up in three words -- cook, cook and cook. Sure, many women would love a meal at an uber-chic bistro. But when a woman wants to be romanced, she'll almost always prefer a fine dish cooked by her beau to one cooked by a stranger in a puffy, white hat. It's just more intimate and personal.

Mango Chicken and Penne à la Vodka are some examples of romantic dishes that are easy to prepare, and various websites offer a plethora of simple recipes. So get your hands dirty, and if the oven bursts into flames, you have permission to eat out.

Listen up
Most women love a good listener, so when you're trying to be romantic, make sure you're attentive to what she says. You have to engage in the conversation by asking her questions and encouraging her to share her thoughts.

And that doesn't mean you have to keep quiet -- romantic talk should by no means be a one-way street. Just be conscious that you're paying close attention and not dominating the conversation.

Here are some examples of conversation ideas that will keep the mood romantic and sensual:

Ask her what she's thinking about. Yep, just like that. It's simple, to the point and will steer the conversation in a deep direction.

Be nostalgic. Reminisce about the first time you met or your first kiss.

Talk about your turn-ons. Is there something she did or said recently that really got you in the mood? Is there something you recently did that got her hot and bothered?

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