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Reviews by Editors from top download websites

Soft32.com editor review:

AV Voice Changer Software Editor's Review
In case you are still wondering, this program can modify your voice. However, this is not all that it does. In fact, it can modify any sound that you hear or record using your sound card. It can be used to modify your voice in online chatting or to add real-time effects to music. If you don't want someone to know your real voice, AV Voice Changer can come in handy.

The program is relatively easy to use. It intercepts any audio signal that passes through your sound card and modifies it. It can hook the WaveOut signal as well as DirectX audio streams. This means that it's compatible with virtually every media software. I tried recording my changed voice with Windows's Sound Recorder and had no problems. I also tried using the call feature of Yahoo Messenger, while AV Voice Changer was running. I didn't find any compatibility issues. Everything worked like a charm. Well, I had a minor problem, but it wasn't a software issue. The friend I called, hang up on me because he didn't recognize my voice.

You can choose whether you want to hear your modified voice in your speakers by clicking the "Duplex" button. AV Voice Changer features a sound recorder. It can be used to save the audio output of your sound card. The recorder supports naming the captured sound files automatically by using templates. You can modify these templates. For example, you could name the captured files depending on the application, which was capturing or playing, at the time-and-date when recording started.

The "Nickvoices" feature gives you access to a couple of voice changing presets. These presets will make you sound like a baby, like an opera singer, or even like the opposite sex. Of course, it's also possible to modify the pitch and the timbre of your voice. As owner of AV Voice Changer, you can download the newest voice effects from the publisher's website.

Pluses: It's possible to modify the tone of your voice by using the graphic equalizer embedded in this software. The program's user interface is skinnable giving you access to multiple effects that can be added to your voice in real-time. The voice comparator is another cool feature and certainly a plus. It shows you how similar your voice is compared to well-known people. After the setup is complete, you are offered to install AV Morpher Gold, a free music player and editor.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: This is a nice and easy to use software for changing your voice and any music played through your sound card.

Version reviewed: 7.0.29


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