AV Music Morpher Gold
Reviews by Editors from top download websites

Reviews by Editors from top download websites

SoftSea Editor Review:

AV Music Morpher Gold is a outstanding choice to play tracks in various formats, especially music downloaded from different file sharing systems such as iMesh, eMusic, Napster, and Music Net.

In addition to great features that rip, burn, convert, and organize music files, this application comes with enough audio effects to make any music geek giddy. Think Britney Spears could do better as a baritone? This application lets you transform audio files by, for example, filtering out certain frequencies, playing with volume, changing tempo without altering pitch, or even applying 3D sound effects. The audio editor is easy to use for even the most inexperienced, and the interface is very slick and well-designed (except for the pesky "Active" button, which can be hard to find at first glance). AV Music Morpher Gold Basic can tweak live audio as well, so you can even modify your voice to sound a bit scratchy and sick while calling into the office on a Monday morning (just as a hypothetical example, of course). The program also includes quite a powerful tool for creating CD and DVD covers. The main drawback is the trial version severely limits the effects and features available. Overall, this is a great program that offers plenty of features for the music fanatic.


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