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April 1st is near.

During this uncertain time, it would be so inappropriate to celebrate traditional
April Fools’ Day, or plan on mischievous hoaxes.

While people all around the world are ceaselessly trying to stop the spread of
the pandemic COVID-19, happiness is now simple as being healthy and protected.
We spend more time at home, get acclimate with WFH environment, just to
shut door to the virus infection threat and to save other lives. Our self-isolations
mean more sharing and caring than ever.

Communication doesn’t have to be in person;
social distancing will connect hearts


*Applicable storewide

As long as we are safe and healthy, we create fun.

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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Mar 20

Voice Changer Softwave diamond 9.5.33

  • File Morpher Optimization: Make the most of your CPU cores to process multiple
    audio files at the same time; Speed up morphing process; Reduce crash issue.
  • Virtual Audio Driver: Digital Certificate renewed.
  • Uninstall issues on Windows 10 solved.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Build update