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Ahoy, Mateys!
Have ye heard about th’ new “Pirattitude” these days?

Ye don’t need t’ be th’ bravest, ye just need th’ coolest pirate voice.
Grab th’ best booty in th’ cyber ocean, Voice Changer Software Diamond, ‘n be the best pirate anyone will ever see.

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*Applicable on Voice Changer Software DIAMOND
Heave ho!

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Background Effects for an Old Salt’s Stories

The cursed winds

Deep oggin is calling

Jolly Roger - Sounds of victory

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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Mar 23

Voice Changer Softwave diamond 9.5.21

  • Small display changes, can you tell the differences?
  • Record and export to mono files without glitches.
  • Pause is enabled, in case you want to take a break, during File Morphing process
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Build update