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Audio effect samples available in Media Player Morpher PLUS


The below samples are picked among more than 600 Ready-to-use audio presets for demonstration only. To check full list of Media Player Morpher's PLUS effects, feel free to download the program and try it yourself!

apply advanced Voice filters & effects samples

3D sound Airport Alarm
Alien Anger Artificial echo
Bad radio Basement Bass boost
Bass limit Bass overdrive Bathroom
Bells Birdeye Bullroarer
Cave Chewed tape Church hall
Concert hall Dancing voices Double power
Double Drums Pair Duet
Empty room Factory Fade
Flag Ghosts Glowing edges
Grasshopper Guitar Hall
Helicopter Jogging Karaoke
Light tremble Lightning Merry Doggy
Mouse Moutain Neighbor's apartment
Old plane Panorama Ping-pong
Priest Robot Samurai
Shadow Shaman Snake
Soldiers at march Spirits sound Stereo
Stereophonic expansion Sticky Swimming pool
Techno world Tipsy singer Tripple
Tunnel Under the water Underground
Virtual sound bar Walkman headphones Wave
Wind 2-order equalizer 4-order equalizer
Amplitude morpher Auto loudness Band pass
Band reject Beat tracking Change channel
Chorus plus Chorus Compex delay
Delay Detonation Distortion
Dynamics morpher Envelope morpher Equalizer
Fade in Fade out Fir bass
Flanger Frequency morpher Graphic equalizer
Handcore beat High bass Limiter
Linear phase equalizer Low bass Mega reverb
Multiband dynamics Noise reduction Normalize
Resonance Reverberation Rhythm to noise
Root format mover Spectral peak enhancer Squeak
Stick channels Tempo Tremolo
Vibrato plus Vibrato Voice extractor
Voice Morpher Voice remover-extractor Volume
Wah-wah filter Whisper Widening stereo