Why PRO version

  Features FREE version PRO version  
Camera size (NEW) Adjustable Adjustable
Camera resolution (NEW) 1 - 30 FPS 1 - 30 FPS
Nickfaces 6 35 + seasonal downloads
Video effects 28 28
Real-time Effect Combination Yes Yes
Frequency Morpher Unchangeable Adjustable
Pitch, timbre and advanced tune Unchangeable Adjustable
Robot voice Unchangeable Adjustable
Root Formant Morpher Unchangeable Adjustable
LPC Pitch Changer Unchangeable Adjustable
Background Changer (NEW) JPEG format only Supported file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc.
Load new background No Yes
Adjust color of background Unchangeable Adjustable
Support many audio & video codecs Yes Yes
Audio and webcam recording Yes Yes
Webcam recording duration (NEW) Unlimited Unlimited
Share clips (NEW) Yes Yes
Nickface Maker (NEW) Yes Yes
Change skin Yes Yes
Auto-Update Yes Yes
Price FREE $49.95