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Webcam Morpher 2.0 full benefit list


More Fun and a new experience in video chat rooms
Choose your favorite "nickface", and you can be a totally different person in any live video chat.

Refresh yourself everyday
Give yourself a brand-new look/sound by changing "nickfaces" and "nickvoices" in real time to suit your current mood

Save your memorable chat conversations
Our Duplex audio recording module allows you to capture your own voice, or any incoming voice or audio signal.

Create Your own TV Commercials
Record your creative ideas for TV commercials with your webcam, and add audio/video effects to make your advertisements really stand out.

Visual presenter for business demonstrations
Present your projects by recording video and then mix in colors/effects to get the best impact from your presentations.

Express your creativity
Show your creative abilities by making your own nickfaces and video clips; combine your own video clips with our large collection of video effects.

Make a cool video blog (vblog), or video diary
Using your webcam, Webcam Morpher Recorder can help you create unique video clips for your blog or video diary.

Unlimited background changing ability
Use Webcam Morpher Recorder to watch your house while you are out, or sleeping, or for 24/7 security.

Animated tutorials
Record visual tutorials on how to use effects, such as using light reflection, making self-running videos, and more, or create tutorials on any subject your choose.

Archive Your Favorite Chat Experiences
Use the built-in webcam recorder to save all those great nickface chat moments.

Self-created movies for online video broadcast
Create and share your own creative digital movies with your family and friends that they will remember long after they've seen them.

Express your style
Create your own collections, themes and best chat moments; and then share your favorite clips with friends.