Voice Analyzer

AV VCSG has a built-in Voice Analyzer which allows you to analyze your voice or other sound streams come into your computer. To use this module, click the Analyzer button on the Main panel.

Fig 01 - Voice Analyzer pane      [Main panel]

The result will be presented in three characters: (1) Harmony, (2) Brightness and (3) Pitch. Every time open Voice Analyzer, the Harmony graph will be displayed first.

(1) Harmony

Click the Harmony tab to see the graph represents this character.

Fig 02 - Voice Harmony tab      [Voice Analyzer feature]

Harmony shows the concord of the input with its frequency. Male voices will be less harmonious than females'.

Musical harmony will be purer than that of voices.

(2) Brightness

Click the Brightness tab to see the graph represents this character.

Fig 03 - Voice Brightness tab       [Voice Analyzer feature]

This feature describes the timbre of the voice, as well as its sonority or dullness.

In the Brightness graph, you can see the center of inertia of your voice.

(3) Pitch

Click the Pitch tab to see a graphical representation.

Fig 04 - Voice Pitch tab      [Voice Analyzer feature]

This feature shows the degree of your voice and its elevation level.


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