Skins menu

Click the Skins button on the right of Main panel to access the skin list for AV VCSG.

Fig 01 - Skin menu      [Main panel]

There are 2 built-in skins in Voice Changer Gold: The Gold Plasma skin [default] and the Classic skin.

You can switch between the two skins for the most convenience of use, or use other skins which can be downloaded from our website here.

Gold Plasma skin is highly recommended because all operations with AV VCSG described in this Help file apply to this skin.

The Gold Plasma skin:

Fig 02 - Gold Plasma skin [Default skin]

The Classic skin:

Fig 03 - Classic skin

How to download new skins?

Step 1: Click the More command in the Skin menu or visit our web-site. This will open the skin list page in site.

Step 2: From the list, choose the one you want to download, click the Download link beside the item name. This will open the download page of that skin.

Step 3: Click the Download It link below the item name. This will popup the File download window. Choose Run or Save to start download the file.

- If you choose Run, the file will be run from AVnex server.

- If you choose Save, the Save As window will popup. Specify the folder you want to keep the file, and click Save.

How to install new skins?

Choose the skin file you want to install (file in .exe format), double click it, click Next three times, and wait for a few seconds. When the last screen popups, click Finish to finish he installation process.


Skins are in .exe format.

If your Antivirus software is on, it might give you a security warning message after you double click the .exe file, click Run to continue the installation process.


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