AV VCSG has its own sound Recorder which makes it easy for you to record and save your conversations, morphed voice messages, convert audio file format, as well as modified songs.

To display the Recorder, click the Recorder button on the Main pane. The Recorder dialog box will be displayed.

Fig 01 - Recorder dialog box

The main feature on Recorder interface is the Task list (1) with two information: task name and task length.

Task name: By default, a task is named base on the name of the application producing the audio stream and the timestamp of when the recording process started. To understand the new name format and/or the folder in which your recordings will be saved, see Base Folder and Template of Recorder Settings.

Task length: The data under Length displays the elapsed time and the size of the recording.

The light preceding a task name shows the status of that task. There are five different light statuses:

Green: the task is ready to be executed.

Yellow with double green vertical line: the task was paused.

Red: the task is being executed. The light will be red as long as the audio stream is being recorded.

Yellow with a cross on the light: the task was completed.

Red exclamation mark (!) appears before a task: an error occurred while recording, the Recorder had to stop the task.

If you move the mouse over a task name, the Recorder will display an small popup gives information about the task.


- The selected task is in red.

- To adjust the settings of the Recorder, click the Settings button. When you do so, the Recorder Settings dialog box will appear.

- In order for VCSG Recorder performs smoothly, please close all other applications that produce audio streams (which might interfere with the target stream) or set VCSG to ignore those applications from its morphing process.

How to add an application into the Ignore filter list?

- You can choose to record streams in morphed or non-morphed status by changing the preference settings of AV VCSD.


On the Main panel, click the Preferences menu choose the Common tab check Record non-morphed streams at VCS Gold Recorder OK.

Using VCSG Recorder's controls


1. Choose the task you want to make action, and click:

- Record button: To start recording.

- Pause button: To pauses the current recording task. Click Pause again to resume recording.

- Stop button: To stops the current recording.

- Play button: To listen to the recording again.

2. Or right-click on the task to see the popup menu which may contain the following commands:

- Record: starts recording the current task.

- Pause: pauses recording.

- Continue: resumes recording.

- Stop: stops recording.

- Play: opens VCSG Player and play back the selected file.

- Deleted: deletes the selected task from the Task list.

- Remove All Completed: removes all the completed tasks.


If you click Remove or Delete while a task is being recorded, the recording process will be terminated.

When you remove a task from the task list, the corresponding file will remain in the base folder, and you will be able to see the link to it in the VCSG Recorder playlist of AV VCSG Player.

When you delete a task, it will be removed from the task list, and the corresponding file will be deleted from the base folder.


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