Recorder Settings Autostart tab

The settings in Autostart tab let you choose the application(s) that AV VCSG Recorder should start its recording process automatically.

Fig 01 - Autostart tab         [Recorder Settings]

To use this tab, check the Turn on autostart recording check box (1). Autostart can be used in two modes:

All applications mode [Default] (see fig 01):

Choose the Autostart for all applications option if you want VCSG to start recording the stream from any application that it can capture.

Custom applications mode:

Choose the Autostart for custom applications option if you want to record streams from a certain application.

Fig 02 - Autostart tab - Custom applications         [Recorder Settings]

The list of applications which the autostart recording mode will be performed is displayed in the Application list (2) underneath. This list shows the application names and theirs description.

- To add a new application to the list, click the Add button and choose the application from the Open dialog box.

- To remove an application from the list, select the entry in the list and click the Remove button.

Tip: The selected entry is in red.


To close the Recorder Settings dialog box and apply the new settings, click OK.

To close the Recorder Settings dialog box without performing any changes, click Cancel.


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