Quick start: How to use AV Voice Changer Software Gold to change voice

  • Make sure that your microphone and speakers are plugged in properly, and the microphone recording control of the sound card mixer is selected.

  • Double click the VCSG shortcut on the desktop or click Start Programs Voice Changer Software GOLD Voice Changer 6.0 Gold.

  • Turn AV VCSG on by clicking the Power button on the main panel (the Power button is red).

  • Duplex mode is on automatically.

  • Move the Voice Morpher pointer within the Voice Morpher graph or simply select a nickvoice (preset voice output) by choosing from the Nickvoices menu. For example, select the For Male Input Voice group if you are a male and if you would like to change your voice to a female one.

  • Start talking into the microphone. You will hear your modified voice at the same time.

  • Click the Advanced button to open the Advanced Effects Panel.

  • Click the Equalizer tab on the Advanced Effects Panel. When you do, the Equalizer module will appear. Then click the ON/OFF button. Click the Presets button to select one of the preset Pitch-Timbre combinations (for example, Gentle or Soft if you want to smooth out the voice output). If you are still not satisfied, move the Equalizer sliders one by one up or down until you find the equalization that best suits you.

  • The quality of the output voice also depends on the Mode and Sample Rate attributes. If you use a regular microphone, the following values are recommended:

    - Mode: Mono

    - Sample Rate: 16000 Hz

  • If you want to add an effect to the output voice, click the Effects tab on the Advanced Effects Panel, turn on the Effects module by clicking the ON/OFF button and then choose the effects to be used.


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