Power button

Click the Power button to activate (ON) or deactivate (OFF) AV VCSG.

Fig 01 - Power button       [Main panel]

- If the Power button is red, AV VCSG is ready for use. You can access all the features of AV Voice Changer Gold.

- If you want AV VCSG to stop working on voices or sounds in your PC, click this button to turn it off. This allows you to temporarily turn off the program without existing VCSG.


The voice processing function of AV VCSG either in the Autonomous or in the Intercept mode (see below).

The Autonomous mode is the default mode when AV VCSG starts working. In this mode, you can control the audio stream sent to AV VCSG from the microphone, CD-ROM, Line-in, or another source.

AV VCSG will automatically switch to the Intercept mode when you start using another audio program. In this case, AV VCSG will intercept and modify the audio stream processed by that program. The quality of sound in this mode depends not only on AV VCSG's settings but also on the other audio program and its settings. Some audio programs will not allow you to change any sound attributes. Others, for example, Windows Sound Recorder, will let you select and record a voice file modified by AV VCSG in the audio format selected by you.


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