What can AV Voice Changer Software Gold do?

AV Voice Changer Software Gold (AV VCSG) is a unique program for online and offline real-time voice alteration. Utilizing an advanced combination of Pitch and Timbre shifting algorithms, AV VCSG allows you to instantly change the input voice into different new male or female voices:

  • Alter not only life input sound streams (including voice), recordings, but also playbacks or even DirectX audio streams. You can morph both audio streams and sound files, analyze of your voice or compare your voice with another voice, etc.

  • Modulate your input voice and create one ore more nickvoices for each of your nicknames. You can alter your voice, change the pitch and timbre dramatically while using a VoIP router or voice chatting in chat rooms.

  • Can create new voices from one input voice such as deep male voices, a high female voices, kid voices, voices of famous artists and singers, fiction sounds or even animal sounds and then combine them with background music to live the characters in your own audio and video clips or movies.

  • Can be used with Karaoke software so you can sing in different voices, or used with Media Player to change the voices or add effects to songs from CDs or MP3 files.

  • Can be used as a telephone voice changer thanks to the compatibility with PC-to-PC voice and video communication software.

  • Includes many voice morphing tools: Voice Morpher, Equalizer, Effects, Voice Comparator, Parody Maker and Background Effects modules.

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