Advanced panel Equalizer tab

Equalizer offers the major means of controlling sound quality. It divides the input sound into ten frequency bands: 32 Hz, 64 Hz, 128 Hz, 256 Hz, 512 Hz, 1024 Hz, 2048 Hz, 4096 Hz, 8000 Hz and 16000 Hz.
Fig 01 - Equalizer tab      [Advanced panel]

To use the Equalizer module, click the Equalizer tab on the Advanced Effects Panel. Click the ON/OFF button (1) to activate the Equalizer module. When the ON/OFF button is red, Equalizer is available for use.

Each frequency band is assigned to a slider. The sliders on the left side of the panel represent the lower frequency bands, and the sliders on the right side represent the higher ones.

The table below explains the use of controls in Equalizer panel:

Ten Equalizer sliders

Fig 02 - Ten Equalizer sliders   [Equalizer tab]

To turn the volume of a frequency band up or down, move the corresponding slider up or down. Drag the slider by mouse or click on the slider and use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the band value.

The adjustment takes effect right after you make it.

Move the mouse over the slider to know its frequency band value.

Fig 03 - Equalizer slider tip   [Equalizer tab]

Load button

Loads a pre-saved Equalizer (.eq format) settings.

The settings you load into the Equalizers can be customized by adjusting the ten bands. To avoid making unwanted changes on it, check the Open as read-only checkbox in the Open dialog box appeared after clicking in the Load button.

Save button

Saves a preset for future use.

The default location of presets to be saved is the Save subfolder of AV VCSG base folder. You can choose another folder to save your files.

Preset button

Fig 04 - Equalizer presets pop-up menu

There are sixteen equalizer presets - built-in Equalizer settings - in AV VCSG:

(1) Eight presets for voice (Basic, Gentle, Silky, Soft, Clear, Harsh, Sharp, and Tender)

(2) Eight presets for song (Classic, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Reggae, and Rock).


You can also save, change, and load your own presets using the Save / Load commands (3) in the popup menu.

To clear all adjustments on the sliders, click the Reset command on the top of the menu.


Equalizer presets are saved in .eq format.


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