Advanced panel Effects tab

AV VCSG has a big library of thirty real-time audio effects divided into twelve groups.

Fig 01 - Effects tab     [Advanced panel]

To use the Effects feature, click the Effects tab on the Advanced Effects Panel.  Click the ON/OFF button to turn the Effects on. If the ON/OFF button (1) is red, the Effects feature is available for use.

Twelve groups of ready-to-use special effects are listed in the Effect tree pane on the left. Some effects are in stereo mode, you should change the sound mode to Stereo to work with them.

How to change the sound mode?

The table below explains the use of controls in Effects tab:

Effect tree

Fig 02 - Effect tree     [Effects tab]

How to use the effect tree?

- To expand a group: Click the + icon before a group or double click the group name.

- To select an effect: Check the checkbox before the effect name or double click the effect name. The effect will appear in the Selected Effects pane on the right, and will be applied right away.

- To deselect an effect: Clear the checkbox before the effect name or double click the effect name. The effect will be remove from the Selected Effects pane.

- To scroll the effect tree: Use the scroll bar (1).


Only one effect in a group can be selected at a time.

If an effect in a group is using, the checkbox before the group name is also checked. Deselecting this checkbox will remove the selected effect in this group from the Selected effects pane.

Selected item in the Effects tree is in red.

Selected Effects pane

Fig 03 - Selected Effects pane

Shows the list of all effects that are being used.

Load button

Loads the effect layout file (.efs format) which you have pre-saved into the Selected Effects pane and applies the effects.

The effect layout file after loaded can be customized by removing or adding effects in the Selected effects pane. To avoid making unwanted changes on it, check the Open as read-only checkbox in the Open dialog box appeared after clicking in the Load button.

Save button

Saves the list of effects in the Selected effects pane into an effect layout file for later use.

The default location of the effect layout files to be saved is the Save subfolder of AV VCSG base folder. You can choose another folder to save files.

Reset button

Clears the Selected Effects pane. All the effects will be removed from the pane.


The effect layout file is saved in .efs format.

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