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Background effect is a kind of sound which serves as a background for your voice in the appropriate situation or place you would like to be.

AV VCSG supports many audio file formats to be played as background sound: .mp3, .wav, .wma, etc.

Fig 01 - Background Effects tab      [Advanced panel]

To use the Background Effects module, click the Background Effects tab on the Advanced Effects panel. Click the ON/OFF button (1) to activate the Background Effects module. If the ON/OFF button is red, the Background Effects module is available for use.

AV VCSG’s Background Effect library has fifteen built-in effects divided into three categories: Nature sounds, Public affairs, and Street voices.

Background Effect tab has three main controls: the background effect pane on the left shows the Background Effect Tree which can be re-organized, add/del an effect group, add/del an effect; the Selected Background Effect pane on the right shows the name of the effect that has been chosen; and the volume slider is used to adjust the volume of the selected effect.

The table below explains the use of controls in the Background Effects tab:

Background Effect Tree

Fig 02 - Background Effect tree    [Background Effects tab]

How to use the Background Effect tree?

- To expand a group: Click the ‘ icon before a group or double click the group name.

- To select an effect: Check the checkbox before the effect or double click the effect name. The effect will appear in the Selected Background Effects pane on the right, and will be applied right away.

- To deselect an effect: Clear the checkbox before the effect name or double click the effect name. The effect will be remove from the Selected Background Effect pane.

- To delete background effects: You can delete either an effect group or an effect by making right click on the effect tree, and choosing Delete from the popup menu.

- To scroll the effect tree: Use the scroll bar (1).


• Only one background effect can be used at a time.

• If an effect in a group is using, the checkbox before the group name is also checked. Deselecting this checkbox will remove the selected effect in this group from the Selected Background Effect pane.

• Selected item in the Effects tree is in red.

Selected Background Effect pane

Fig 03 - Selected background effect    [Background Effects tab]

Shows the name of the background effect that is being used.

Volume slider

Fig 04 - Volume slider    [Background Effects tab]

Adjusts the volume of the background effects.

Drag the slider to the left to decrease the volume, or to the right to increase the volume. You can also click on the slider and use the left and right arrow keys to move it.

Load button

Loads an audio file to use as a background effect.

AV VCSG support all kind of audio formats to play as background effect: .mp3, .wav, .wma, etc.

To avoid making unwanted changes on it, check the Open as read-only checkbox in the Open dialog box appeared after clicking in the Load button.

Create Group button

Creates a new group of effects.

• The Create a new group dialog box will show up. Type the name of the group into the Title textbox, and click OK.

• The new group will be added at the end of the Background Effect tree.

Fig 05 - Create a new group dialog box    [Background Effects tab]


Click Cancel to close the dialog box without creating the new group.

Add Effects button

Adds new effects to a group. The Add a new background effect dialog box will show up:

Fig 06 - Add a new background effect dialog box    [Background Effects tab]

  1. Select a group from the Group combo box. The pop-up menu lists all existing groups in the Background Effect tree.

  2. Type the effect name into the Description textbox.

  3. Click the Browse button and specify the audio file. The path of the file will be displayed in the File path textbox.

  4. OK.

The new effect will be added at the end of the Group list of the Background Effect tree.


• If you use the Load button to load an audio file as a background effect, the file will not be added into the Background Effect tree.

• If you want to add the effect into the list, use the Add effects button.

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