Voice Comparator

The built-in Voice Comparator of VCSD allows you to compare and change your voice to the voice of anyone you want. You may also compare your voice with non-human voice sounds. To use Voice Comparator, click the Comparator button on the main panel.

Voice Comparator has a tip message (1) and four modules (2) Voice, (3) Volume, (4) Morpher, and (5) Similarity.

Below are the explanations for each control on Voice Comparator panel:

(1) Tip message

Instructs user about what to do next.

(2) Voice module

(i) Sample voice select box

(ii) Phrase indicator

• Play button

• Add button - Add sample voice button

• Del button - Delete sample voice button

(3) Volume module

(i) Volume meter

• Volume slider

• Microphone slider

(4) Morpher module

• Timbre slider

• Pitch slider

• Record button

• Play button

• Adv. tune slider: Advanced tune slider

(i) Morphing indicator

(5) Similarity module

(i) Total similarity display

• Compare button

• Auto button

How to use VCSD Comparator to compare voices?