Voice Morpher Stream settings

This is a Mono/Stereo 2D scale that allows you to adjust the attributes of the sound when the sound is in Autonomous mode. It can be used to switch streams between Mono and Stereo, and set the Sample Rate for the stream.

  • Mono

    Is the short of Monaural sound, means sound which was made from the mix of all audio signals in a system. The sound is routed through a single audio channel.

    Since the speech engine reproduces only one voice, selecting Mono allows saving some CPU resources without decreasing the quality of the voice.

  • Stereo

    Is the short of Stereophonic sound. Stereo sound is the reproduction of sound, using two or more independent audio channels

  • Sample Rate

    Determines the overall bandwidth of the audio signal.

    Higher sample rates produce higher quality audio at the expense of higher CPU utilization. Frequencies of about 1/2 the sample rate can be produced effectively, so to reproduce a frequency of 10 kHz, a sample rate of at least 20 kHz must be chosen.

    Value on the scale

    Indicates the value of

    Is the audio of

    8 kHz

    11 kHz

    16 kHz

    22 kHz

    32 kHz

    44 kHz

    48 kHz

    8000 Hz

    11025 Hz

    16000 Hz

    22050 Hz

    32000 Hz

    44100 Hz

    48000 Hz

    AM radio quality

    Reasonable compromise quality

    Reasonable compromise quality

    AM radio quality

    Better than FM radio quality (for some sound cards, this value is 32075 Hz)

    CD quality

    DVD quality

In the Intercept mode, VCSD will display the attribute of the audio stream intercepted. For example, Internet audio programs normally use the Mono and 8000 Hz (or 11025 Hz) values, and these values will be displayed if you intercept such a program.


Voice Changer Software Diamond will automatically switch to the Intercept mode when you start using another audio program. In this case, VCSD will intercept and modify the audio stream processed by that program. The quality of sound in this mode depends not only on VCSD's settings but also on the other audio program and its settings. Some audio programs will not allow you to change any sound attributes. Others, for example, Windows Sound Recorder, will let you select and record a voice file modified by VCSD in the audio format selected by you.