Recorder Settings Encoders

The settings in the Encoders tab let you choose an audio encoder that VCSD Recorder will use to perform the recording tasks.

Encoders tab (Recorder Settings dialog box]

To change the encoder settings, click the Encoder tab in Recorder Settings dialog box.

Encoders tab has two display modes: Simple [default] and Advanced.

Simple display mode [Recorder Settings - Encoders tab]

To use the Simple display mode, left the Advanced Mode checkbox (1) blank.

In this mode, streams are classified into six groups as Voice/Music and Low/Medium/High quality. You can choose the type of the encoder but not the exact output format. VCSD Recorder will automatically select the best format supported by the selected encoder.

To switch to the Advanced display mode, select the Advanced Mode check box (1).

In this mode, streams are specified into fourteen groups based on its Mono/Stereo type and its audio bit rate.


To apply the new settings and close the Recorder Settings dialog box, click OK.

To close the Recorder Settings dialog box without performing any changes, click Cancel.