Recorder Settings Autostart tab

The settings in Autostart tab let you choose the application(s) that VCSD Recorder will start its recording process automatically.

To use this tab, check the Turn on autostart recording check box (1). The Autostart tab can be set by one of the two options:

Choose the Autostart for all applications option (2) if you want VCSD Recorder to record streams from any application it is able to capture.

Choose the Autostart for custom applications option (3) if you want VCSD to start recording streams from some certain applications. You will need to specify the application list.

To add or remove an application, use these controls:

  • Application list pane (4)

    Shows the list of all applications which have been set the Autostart recording mode. The applications will be listed with their processing file name (.exe files) and brief information about them.

    Selected application in the list is displayed in yellow text.

  • Add button

    Adds a new application to the list. When you click on this button the Open dialog box will be shown, specify the file from hard disk and click Open.

  • Remove button

    Removes the selected application from the Autostart recording list. To do this, choose the application in the list and click Remove.


To apply the new settings and close the Recorder Settings dialog box, click OK.

To close the Recorder Settings dialog box without performing any changes, click Cancel.