Preferences and Settings

The Preferences and Settings window in VCS will allow you to configure the general settings in Voice Changer Software Diamond, and to switch between the two working methods: Hook Mode and Virtual Driver mode. Preferences settings are represented in five tabs and two modes:

  1. Hook Mode and Virtual Driver Mode options

    These two options allow you to switch between the two working methods of the program.

  2. Common tab

    Change common settings upon the performance of the program.

  3. Audio (Advanced) tab

    This feature is to select default device while Virtual Driver processing audio streams.

  4. Ignore Filter tab

    This feature helps to ignore any certain audio streams/applications which added into Ignore Filter list.

  5. Nickvoice Rules tab

    This feature is for selecting a nickvoice that will be used automatically when a specific application/program starts.

  6. Hotkey tab

    This feature of the program is to assign the global hot keys for the frequently used features in VCS.


To apply the new settings without closing Preferences window, click Apply.

To close the Preferences window without performing any changes, click Cancel.

You can set a hot key for the Preferences dialog box to quickly access the settings.