Preferences Ľ Common tab

This tab allows you to change common settings of AV Voice Changer Diamond such as volume value of the microphone, startup settings, Auto-update settings, etc.

Click Common tab to switch to the common settings window.

Below explains the setting options on this tab:

If checked, the programís main interface will be on top of all other windows.

If checked, the program will be launched on system start up.

If checked, the program will remain its icon via the system trabar if it is minimized. This will help you save your computer resources, and clear the desktop to place other applications. By default, this settings is enabled.

Right-click on the program's icon on system tray will display the program's context menu. The menu may have commands to access the nickvoices, and other program's features without restoring its full interface.

If this option is enabled, the program will tend to pick up microphone as default device for recording and morphing.

Boosts or attenuates the microphone frequency band.


Some sound cards do not support this function.

Manually adjusts the microphone volume level. Drag the slider to the left to decrease the volume, or to the right to increase the volume.

Changes the transparency level of the program's skin.

Drag the slider to the right to increase the transparency level, or to the left to decrease it. By default, the transparency level is 100%.

If checked, the programís built-in Update Manager will automatically connect to our website to check for the latest update every time the program launches. If a new update is found, user will be prompted to download and install it.

AutoUpdate can be switched off, and the user can start Update Manager manually at any time.

Click this button to immediately check for if any update of the program available.