Nickvoices menu

The term "nickvoice" is inspired by the term "nickname" that people use to protect their privacy on cyberspace. Nickvoice means a computer-modified artificial voice which is made to match a nickname. VCSD's nickvoices are unique combinations of pitch, timbre and equalization settings.

Nickvoices menu [Main panel]

Click the Nickvoices menu on the Right panel to access the Nickvoice list.

There are 49 preset nickvoices that belong to three categories: Male Voice To..., Female Voice To..., Non Human Voice and For movie maker.

You can make your own custom nickvoices by mixing the morphing effects of the pitch-timbre graph, equalizer, voice equalizers, sound quality and effects settings and save them for future use.

Bellows explain each option in the Nickvoices menu:

Includes nickvoices presets that create female output voices. This group is useful for changing the gender of voice from male to female.

For Male Input Voice [Nickvoices 

Includes nickvoices presets that create male output voices. This option is useful for changing the gender of voice from female to male.

For Female Input Voice [Nickvoices menu]

Includes nickvoices presets that add special effects to input voiceand turn it to voices of popular supernaturals, animals or other moviesí characters.This group is specialized for movie makers or movie lovers.

Special [Nickvoices menu]

Removes all the morphing effects you have made on on input voice.

Custom menu [Nickvoices menu]

Loads your pre-saved nickvoice file into use.

When you click on this command, another dialog box will come out. It locates the directory of your saved nickvoice files. You may select a file to open or click on Browse command to let you load another file from your computer.

The loaded nickvoice files will be added into the nickvoice list.


If the nickvoice files are stored in the Save folder of VCS Diamond, they will then be always listed in the Nickvoices menu for later use.

Connects to Audio4fun's add-on page for free download more add-ons and nickvoices. These files were made and uploaded by Audio4fun.


- You may set a Nickvoice rule to assign a specific nickvoice to an application.

- You can set a hot key for a nickvoice to quickly access the nickvoice or parody voice you frequently use.