Voice Equalizer

The Voice Equalizer module is used to make modifications on voice’s characteristics individually especially on timbre and pronunciation peculiarities. When combined with other compulsory effects (e.g. with the pitch morphing), this feature allows users to set a wide variety of voice color regardless of the source signal.

Voice Equalizer tab 

Voice Equalizer module has two sub panes: Voice Equalizer and Robot Voice.

There are three buttons on Voice Equalizer tab. They have an overall impact on the two sub panes.

Loads a Voice Equalizer layout file (VEQ format) you have saved and applies it.

When you click on this button, the Open dialog box will be shown immediately. Specify the file from your hard disk, and click Open.

The voice equalizer layout file you loaded can be customized by adjusting the sliders of Voice Equalizer two sub panes. To avoid making unwanted changes on the layout, check the Open as read-only checkbox in the Open dialog box before you load them.

Saves current voice equalizer settings for future use.

When you click on this button, the Save As dialog box will be shown immediately. Type the name of the new file into the File name textbox, and click Save. The file will be saved as a .veq file.

Resets the sliders to their default values.


• Voice Equalizer layout file is saved in VEQ format.

• You can set a hot key to quickly enable/disable the Voice Equalizer tab.