Voice Equalizer Voice Equalizer pane

There are two typical frequency domains of a human voice that are perceived by ear in a different way. In the frequency diapason up to 1200 2500 Hz male voice contains more powerful in level and smaller in frequency spectral components than female and infant voices. On the other hand, at a higher part of the spectrum (higher than 2000 Hz) a human voice spectral components influence, basically, the individual pronunciation features, regardless of a human sex or age. Thus, changing in a different way on the mentioned characteristics is possible, and it will obtain a great varieties of voice.

The order and the form characteristics of a spectral make up to 80% of the character of a human voice timbre and pronunciation individuality. VCSD Voice Equalizer feature makes changes on these characteristics of voice.

Voice Equalizer pane [Voice Equalizer tab]

To activate Voice Equalizer pane, click the On/Off button. When the On/Off button showing On, Voice Equalizer pane is ready for use.

Voice Equalizer module has four sliders, their current values are displayed underneath:

HiStretch (High Stretch) slider: Adjusts the voice depth within the main individual voice characteristics. Changes of the coefficient affect personal pronunciation characteristic. When decreasing the coefficient, vocalization happens on almost any initial voice. When increasing the coefficient for more than 1, it is possible to reach the effect of accent or pronunciation change. The default value of HiStretch slider is 1.00%.

LoStretch (Low Stretch) slider: Adjusts the voice depth of the individual voice's main characteristics. The voice resonance characteristic of a male and a female voices differs evidently. Thus, if the coefficient is less than 1, it is possible to obtain a rougher voice. When increasing the coefficient, vocalization occurs, which then creates the transformation from male into female voice. The default value of LoStretch slider is 1.00%.

LoShift (Low Shift) slider: Influences the frequency arrangement within the main timbre characteristics. Higher frequencies are more typical in female and infant than in male voices, the difference may run up to 300 Hz. Thus, when the values are negative (up to -300 Hz), an approach to the male timbre may be observed. And when the values are positive (up to 300 Hz) to the female one. However, at the same time, in most cases it is necessary to smooth the frequency characteristic with the help of the equalizer module. Make a too high increasing on this slider may add to your voice some affectation. The default value of LoShift slider is 0 Hz.

Smoothing slider: Adjusts more accurately your voice color according to the initial voice and its average pitch (male female - infant). "12" is a recommended average value; for higher voices it is recommended to increase this value up to "20" and higher. The default value of Smoothing slider is 17.


The Load, Save and Reset button on the Voice Equalizer tab has an overall effect on both Voice Equalizer and Robot Voice sub panes.