Voice Effects Non-human voice tab

Non-human voice (NHV) is a special audio effect that turns a normal human voice into the sound of animal.

Different from the common nickvoices, the non-human voice effects totally replace human voices with the animal sounds according to the input level of the input human voice. Each non-human voice a group of several sounds of one species of animal, and each sound is related to a unique human voice level. The output sound will be a series of discrete sounds that react to changes in the human input.

To use NHV feature, click the Effects tab on the left panel. Click the ON/OFF button (1) to turn the NHV on. If the button is showing ON, the NHV feature is ready for use.

To see the Non-human Voice tab, use the Scroll right button to scroll to the right, the NHV tab is the last tab on the right of Advanced panel. Click the ON/OFF button (1) to turn this tab on. If the ON/OFF button is red, the NHV feature is ready for use.

VCSD's Non-human voice library has eight effect groups: Bear, Bird, Cow, Dog, Duck, Lion, Pig, and Wolf.

This pane has three main controls: Non-human voice tree on the left which is used to re-organize, add/del an effect group, add/del an effect; group of sounds of the selected on-human voice effect show on the right; and the volume slider is used to adjust the volume of the selected effect.

Below is the explanations for each control on the NHV tab:

Shows the list of eight non-human voice effects: Bear, Bird, Cow, Dog, Duck, Lion, Pig, and Wolf.


Only one effect can be selected at a time.

Selected item in the NHV tree is displayed in yellow text.

Shows the list of all the sounds of the selected effect. The sounds in the group will be played in an undefined order depends on the values of the input audio streams.

Adjusts the volume of the effect.

Drag the slider up to increase the volume, and down to decrease the volume. The value of the volume is indicated underneath.


You can also click on the slider and use the up and down arrow keys to change its value.