Vowel Enhance (formant morpher)

Vowel Enhancer adds harmonic changes to fix out-of-tune notes or changes key of singing voice without affecting timbre and pitch.

Vowel Enhancer performs zero formant moving with pitch changing. It is very similar to human-like pitch changer, but it preserves original signal form and sounds very soft. This module changes amount of harmonics without affecting spectrum envelope. It does not influence the timbre, but modifies the base formant of the voice and the amount of harmonics. You can use Vowel Enhancer to fix out-of-tune notes or change the key of a singing voice. The smoothing coefficient regulation allows you to choose appropriate softness of signal. To achieve the best result it must be changed manually for each signal.

The content below explains the use of controls on Vowel Enhancer (Formant Morpher) tab:

Six sliders on Formant Morpher panel [Formant Morpher tab]

Formant Morpher panel has six sliders, their current values are displayed underneath:

Pitch (Formant Pitch) slider: Sets the coefficient of distance change between harmonics that defines zero formant position. The default value of Pitch slider is 100%, which means there's no changes on the pitch of the input voice.

Smoothing slider: Sets the spectral smoothing value. This value greatly affects the spectrum restoration from the original one and the signal softness. The default value of Smoothing slider is 12.

Formant1 slider / Formant2 slider / Formant3 slider / Formant4 slider: Formant parameter is the spectrum domains stretching coefficient. These domains are selected in such a way that the human voice formants localize in them. Coefficient changing moves the formant position in the frequency spectrum and allows to alter the voice personality. The lower positions the sliders have, the lower the formant will be moved, and the lower the modified voice will be. In vice versa, to make the voice more squeakier, the sliders have to be moved up.

The default value of the four Formant sliders is 100%, which means there was no change on the input voice.

Loads a pre-saved settings of the Vowel Enhancer (Formant Morpher) tab (.fmnt file) into use.

When you click on this button, the Open dialog box will be shown immediately. Specify the file from your hard disk, and click Open.

The settings when loaded into the panel can be changed if you make changes on any of the six sliders. To avoid making unwanted changes on the file, check the Open as read-only checkbox in the Open dialog box.

Saves the settings of the six sliders on Vowel Enhancer (Formant Morpher) tab into a .fmnt file.

When you click on this button, the Save As dialog box will be shown immediately. Type the name of the new file into the File name textbox, and click Save.

Reset the six sliders of Vowel Enhancer (Formant Morpher) tab back to their default values.


Vowel Enhancer layout files are saved in .fmnt file.
You can set a hot key to quickly enable/disable the Vowel Enhancer tab.