Voice Morpher Advanced Tune

This feature is arranged in group with the Voice Morpher pane on the main panel.

Advanced Tune [Main panel]

Advanced Tune is a special control for adjusting voice timbre. This control is useful when you want to morph the vocal of a song, either from an Audio CD or MP3 file, yet keep the background music intact. This feature is very useful in combination with Voice Morpher feature.

The minimum value of Advanced Tune slider is 0%, and the maximum value is 100%. By default, its value is 0% because VCSD is made mainly to change voice.

Move the Advanced Tune slider to the left to decrease the value or to the right to increase the value. The lower the value, the closer to the original the background music will be.


- You can also click on the slider and use the right and left arrow keys to change it.

- The Advanced Tune slider can't be used if the Voice Morpher feature is turned off.

- You can set a hot key for the Advance Tune slider for a quick access.