VCSD has a built-in Parody Maker. Click the Parody button on the main panel to open Parody Maker dialog box.

Fig 01 - Parody Maker dialog box

Parody Maker dialog box allows you to add a voice as a parody, record your voice, and select the parodies you want to use for Parody Mixer.


There is one built-in parody group in VCSD: the Default group. This group has eight built-in parodies: Female_celebrity, Male_celebrity, Female_politician, Male_politician, Bush, Rice, Angela, and Brad.

When Parody Maker is running, all morphing processes will be paused. They will be resumed after you close Parody Maker.

VCSD Parody Maker only support .wav file to be imported as a parody.

Parody Maker is not included in VCSD when it is in Game mode.