AVnex, owner of Audio4fun.com, has just put their brand new online customer support center into operation for the beginning of August, 2010. The support center is a big improvement in customer service for the company, showing its non-stop efforts to serve its customers better and better. From now on, Audio4fun customers will be able to enjoy better customer service, and feel more confident when purchasing the products from Audio4fun. Visit the new support center at http://support.audio4fun.com/.

It can be said that the new support center helps improve the professionalism as well as the customer care of AVnex. By consolidating all support information and support services into one place, they will improve the quality and increase the speed of the company’s support services, and also make it easier for users to get to where they need to go. In earlier times, customers who wanted to find further instructions on the use of the program (like tutorials, faq’s, etc.) mostly reached the information through links to the product; however the huge amount of information on the site somehow confused them. Concerned about this, the Audio4fun team finally decided to build up a separate customer care center, and they have been successful. Now, all customers can feel more comfortable when coming to Audio4fun.com. If they want to purchase or learn more about the products of Audio4fun, they just visit its online store. Once they need any help or support on the products, they just go to the support center. It’s more convenient and time-saving.

The new support center provides instructions and support information for all the products of Audio4fun. It features a system of tutorials and FAQs about all the products, which is organized in a more logical way in comparison to the old tutorial and FAQ system on Audio4fun.com. The system is divided into two sections: commercial products and free products. Each section is classified by product lines, which helps users easily and quickly find the support information for their product. Another remarkable feature of the new support center is that it provides users with a convenient search tool that is available throughout the site to help them, at any time, to find any topic or information they want. The site also supports Live Chat Support and contact information so that users can directly contact the support team at Audio4fun.

In the new support center, the support forum also includes specific, well-organized topics for each product. Users register, then log in to find the topics they need, exchange their ideas, ask questions and get answers about their specific product, or find help and support; they can even give their suggestions and feedback regarding the product. All the questions of users about all the products and technical problems will receive prompt and professional attention from the support team. With the 24/7 updated homepage, users will easily and quickly find a lot of interesting information about the products of Audio4fun, as well as updates, new releases, new tutorials, the latest or popular forum topics, the latest testimonials, update logs, and other useful IT and hi-tech information on the site. Users can follow the updates of Audio4fun on its social network channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by using the added in social network links, or by subscribing to AVnex’s newsletters.

”Customer service is one of the core factors that make the value of a product. A product without service and support looses most of its value to us. We understand that and we are always concerned about how to serve our customers better,” shared Tracy Norman, Head of Brand Management of Avnex, “After many months of hard working, we can finally launch our new customer service center. Of course, it will need further improvements to adjust to changing customer demands,” Norman added, “However, we believe the new center has now made it easier for users in every way, either in understanding more about the programs, or making better use of them. We really hope our customers are pleased with it, and feel more confident when purchasing our products.” For more information about the software products and the services provided by AVnex, please visit their home page www.audio4fun.com.

About Audio4fun

Throughout many years of development, Audio4fun has been promoting audio and video software technologies and specializing in three core areas: Audio and Video Morphing Algorithms, Audio and Video Stream Interception, Audio and Video Real Time Effecting. Its strategic products include Voice Changer Software, Music Morpher, Webcam Morpher, and Video Morpher. All the products of Audio4fun are detailed at //www.audio4fun.com/. From 2006, Audio4fun has been extending their business model to encompass Internet users who want a richer social networking experience. See //www.make4fun.com/ for more details.

By Eric McDaniel

AVnex Ltd. is a software publisher that has been in the market for over eight years; they are pioneers in developing and distributing audio and video morphing software as a worldwide business. The company’s new Referral Program will apply to its four main products: AV Voice Changer Software, AV Music Morpher, AV Video Morpher and AV Webcam Morpher. More information about the Referral Program is available at //www.audio4fun.com/referral-program.htm.

This program rewards AVnex’s users in several ways: users who receive a referral can buy the products at 25% OFF, and users who send the referral (the referrer) will earn money if the person they refer makes a purchase at the time of the referral. The biggest advantages for users who join AVnex’s Referral Program are: they can refer as many products as they want, as many times as they like, and they can even refer themselves, which means they will get both the discount and the reward for purchasing.

AVnex’s referral program is straightforward and without many restrictions. Here’s how it works:
1. Register the program with your in-use email address.
2. Arrange the product list the way you like.
3. Send the reference message.
4. Receive a reward payment via PayPal

The prices of the products provided by AVnex go from $30 to $100, and program participants may choose to recommend the products with or without discounts, thus the reward payment is totally up to the referring choice. AVnex encourage users to introduce the products they are really experienced with and have had a good time using, as they expect both the referrer and the referral to be happy with their selections.

This smart program should help AVnex to reinforce their online businesses and augment their public relations, and assess their user’s demands.

To take part in the program, you first need to learn about AVnex’s products, as well as their programs terms and uses. Find out more at //www.audio4fun.com/referral-program.htm.

This is a smart program of AVnex to reinforce their online businesses and augment their public relations, and silently study their users’ demand.

Avnex Ltd. announces the first release candidate of their premium Voice Changer Software Diamond new version 7.0, coinciding with this year’s Valentine’s Day. For more information, please visit their website at www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm.

The new version of AV Voice Changer Software line focuses on the convenience, ease and stability of performing its morphing tasks. Its improvements include being able to perform professional voice changing tasks, and fully controlling interactive voice communications within online games in real time. As a result of the latest improvements, the new upgrade is quite flexible and has been optimized for a variety of applications. “To do such mission, we expanded the audio capturing function of AV Voice Changer Software with a virtual audio driver. The original Hooking function has also been improved by a more robust capturing module and more overall stability. The new upgrade will have two different working modes, and can be easily switched back and forth for additional, fast control of the output,” said N. Rotislav, head of the programming department at AVnex.

But first I need to talk about chocolate.

I love chocolate more than most people. Give me one little, teeny, tiny piece and I’ll be clamoring for more. Since childhood I have been able to eat one pound of chocolate in 1 sitting and don’t even get me started on Easter. That day is lethal. My childhood chocolate addiction was progressing nicely until one day in my late teens I discovered 2 things at the same time. Music and Computers. Music was just plain cool. Computers were not, unless of course, you happened to turn them into a recording studio but by installing the right chocolate – that is, I mean software.

August 1, 2008: www.audio4fun.com – AVnex Ltd. has just released its new VIP card program. Anyone who already owns any of AVnex’s products or is hearing about its products for the first time can still take advantage of the valuable coupons included in this release by becoming a VIP member of AVnex. More details on the VIP Card release can be found at //www.audio4fun.com/vip-store.htm.

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