Maybe you were looking the other way, but Christmas is here. For hundreds of millions of people around the world, Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year.

How about going out on a limb and trying something new this year? Why don’t we return to an old fashioned slow Christmas where people carol in front of houses? Why don’t we return to a time of family gatherings and exchanging modest but meaningful Christmas gifts? Christmas is a time of year in which we are to express our love, and love is not measured by the size, amount or price of our gifts to one another, but by the size of our heart.


DVD Player-Morpher Gold

The Gold edition of AV DVD Player-Morpher is the versatile DVD editor software that can morph movie live or to new video file. You can make new movie by adding video and audio effects and save in video format. AV DVD Player-Morpher has a DVD/video converter to convert movie from DVD to video for better storage. In AV DVD Player-Morpher you can import subtitle file via subtitle editor, or you can add text and edit your own subtitle. It also works as a DVD jukebox, which plays movies in DVD, SVCD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, QT, MOV, M1V… It also include image capture, video and audio renderer, and a wide range of navigation access to movie playing. This DVD software also includes a VCD burner which can copy video file to CD as well as erase a video CD. After having your self-made movie copied to CD, you can use CD cover editor to make label, inlay, and cover for it. The Gold edition includes 44 video effects and 44 audio effects, capturing series image ability and more conversion formats.

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Here are few steps you can make your web site sing:

1. Get audio source

You can record your own audio from microphone with either Music Morpher or Voice Changer Software. However, if you want to record internet broadcast audio, chat conversation, or PC phone conversation, you will need to use Voice Changer Software because this software can record from any source you can have. There is always the simplest way, which is to look around for an existing audio file; Music Morpher supports mp3, mp2, wav, wma, ogg, nist, ape, aif, au, irc formats.


DVD Player Morpher 1.0 and DVD Player Morpher Gold Edition 1.0 have been released.

As widely expected, DVD Player Morpher 1.0 and DVD Player Morpher Gold Editon 1.0 have officially published today, November 8 2005. At present time, Audio and Video effects are Avnex’s fabulous points, compared with its competitors.

This November 8, Audio4fun will officially release the new tool for DVD lovers called DVD Player-Morpher 1.0 with 2 editions: DVD Player-Morpher 1.0 and DVD Player-Morpher Gold 1.0.

In this week, Audio4fun gives you a fabulous offer related to launching the new product: You’ll be the first to try DVD Player-Morpher 1.0 for FREE on release date.

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