- Open AV CD Burner by clicking Burner on the module toolbar.
- Press Create New Audio CD to create a new audio CD image.
- Click Add Files button to import audio files to the CD image.

Music Morpher Gold


1. Adjust the Advanced Tune close to O and do not set all Equalizer bands too high to have a clearer voice.

2. Use a headset (instead of a microphone and speakers separately) to avoid echo and static.

3. If you are bothered by the background noise, do not worry. Double click on the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar > the Volume Control comes up > Options menu > Properties > check “Recording” and all recording controls in the list > OK > the Recording Control comes up > select Microphone and drag its volume down till all extra noise disappears.

4. For more convenience, open the Volume Control (the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar) and check the MUTE box under Microphone. By this way, your original voice is muted, and you can hear only one voice output – the altered voice.

5. Remember to turn off VCS while playing back recorded files by other audio players. Otherwise, they will be morphed one more time, and the quality will not be as good as what has been set.

You’ll be able to download remix hits from 48th annual Grammy Awards’ nominees for FREE at //www.audio4fun.com/music.htm

Don’t Phunk With My Heart and Where Is The Love? >>> the Black Eyed Peas (They’re nominated for 4 awards including Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals, Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group, Best Rap Song)

Since U Been Gone and Breakaway >>> Kelly Clarkson (The most popular American Idol is nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album)

Galvanize >>> the Chemical Brothers (nominated for Best Dance Recording, Best Electronic/Dance Album)

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) >>> Green Day (nominated for Record Of The Year with their hit Boulevard Of Broken Dreams)

Sleepy and Candy Shop >>> 50 Cent (nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance, Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album)

What You Waiting For? >>> Gwen Stefani (nominated for Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration)

Thank You >>> Dido (this song featured nominee Eminem’s hit song Stan)


Most of us may have the idea of disguising our voice once in a while for some purpose, especially small kids. Today, a wide range of voice changing tools are developed, both for kids and business purposes. Simple ones are masks for kids that can change voice to some other voices, and a small box used for mobile phones which can switch among 4-6 voices or so.

Digital voice changers make a great step further. Any voice or sound that goes through a computer can be changed dramatically thanks to the voice changing software, i.e. voice chat, IP phoning, computer recording, music playing, internet streaming,… There are more great possibilities you might want to discover:


Christmas is traditionally celebrated on Audio4fun.com one month before this event really takes place. Customers can make use of Audio4fun’s generous promotion program to prepare interesting gifts for their relatives and beloveds. That’s why it publishes new web page today //www.audio4fun.com/season-greeting.htm. In a couple of coming days, its developers will give birth to new cool packages and only-Xmas special effects.

“We hope unique ringtones and other interesting things will satisfy our dear customers. Our developers wish all of them an unforgettable Xmas season and a New Year fulfilled with happiness “, said Mr Terry yesterday.

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