Not only well serving for the entertainment purposes, Audio4fun also supremely fulfill your online business plan with their wide range of innovative products. One of the greatest ways is promoting your business on personal blogs with smart AV Voice Changer Software.

Today,, AOL Hometown, Yahoo!360 Friend, etc. are no longer strange with pro Internet users who are not only accessing but also presenting on the Internet. With these free services, you can easily build up your own online area- Blog to share your thoughts, ideas or information with your buddies, colleagues or even with strangers around the world. And of course, if you are sharp taste of business and intelligent enough, you can make your blogs be an ideal business place. Moreover, a smart aid of high-tech tools on your blogs can help you to earn a lot of money in the information technology era.

(more…) has just launched two different contests for users of Voice Changer Software and Music Morpher products. Send your funny voices or ringtones to win big prizes. More details about the contests and prizes are stated at Audio4fun Community Upload Page.

26 August 2006- Despite the long attribution to the function of voice processing, just as its name, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition proves able to bring out far more practical benefits, in which composing ringtones is considered one of the most fantastic favorites. Further information of the software is located at: Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0.

Primarily, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is developed to serve the increasing need of voice disguise in online communications which are mainly via PC-to-PC or instant messenger (Yahoo!, AIM, MSN, Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc.) and PC-to-Phone. However, the program now expands its capabilities to modifying both offline and online audio streams as well as playing and recording sounds. It becomes a powerful audio studio processing many audio related works, one of which is ringtone producing.

(more…) – Audio4Fun (aka Avnex Ltd.) has recently launched the first version of its AV Webcam Morpher to the hectic world of online videoconferencing and webcam chat, more information at its Products page.

Just like what it did with AV Voice Changer Software and voice chat a few years ago, Audio4fun now introduces netizens to the brand-new AV Webcam Morpher – an innovative technology in webcam chat. Furnished with a collection of “nickfaces” and “nickvoices,” the program offers you a wide range of possibilities to change your appearance, voice, and thus personality in video conversations. You can totally (more…)

Check out the free online tutorial archive now to learn the process of making voiceovers for documentaries, audio books, corporate presentations, flash presentations, e-learning software, radio and television commercials, TV promos, voicemail, movies, cartoons, video clips, game shows, etc. with Audio4fun’s favorite software Music Morpher Gold 3.0.

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