According to Oxford’s definition, “to morph” is to change, or make somebody/something change into something different. Inspired from this definition, “morpher” – another new concept was born by AVnex Ltd (//, an audio and video software provider with the motto “Unique Products – Serious Fun”

In audio world, AVnex’ well-known AV Voice Changer Software series and Music Morpher series can be considered as the first PC tools helping users change voices, sounds and any audio streams from their PC. Changing or morphing process is carried out in real time and the output quality is quite natural and beyond many end-users’ expectation. With AV Voice Changer Software, you can disguise your voice (more…)

After revealed the technical details two months ago, this time the company announced the prices and availability. According to, the retail price of Movie Morpher 2.0 Gold Edition will be $79.95, $10 higher than DVD Player Morpher Gold 1.5, which will no longer exist after the launch of Movie Morpher line. The lighter edition Movie Morpher 2.0 will be $49.95 and the launching date for these two editions is expected to be October 20.

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It’s too easy to change a name in webcam chat rooms: use “nicknames”. But it’s really hard to disguise our faces in front of the webcam. And you’re looking for the so-called “nickfaces”. No more difficult, AV Webcam Morpher is a great help.

“Webcam Morpher is worth of praises”, said Steven Stone, a strict customer in Texas, US. “I never expect to have a software that can help me totally disguise my identity. But your Webcam Morpher has changed my mind”

“’Nickfaces’ are something magical and natural”, continued he. “It’s simple to have my face changed, that is to play with mouse-clicks. Now I can pretend to be chatting, typing, listening, expressing emotions, and even flirting with other gals in another face”. (more…)

Online game is actually a huge community of old and new members as once upgraded, every player has to feel his/her way for a brand new adventure with unlimited exciting and thrilling stage.

The phrase “MMORPG” (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) becomes more popular than ever and no longer do players have to face monotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world. Voice Chat & Game is an indispensable step for a gamer to join in the games world.

This page will introduce how to make TeamSpeak work with VoizGame. – Avnex Ltd announced today that the new version of Music Morpher Gold is not ready to debut soon but they did provide some useful information. Get update news from Audio4fun Developer Team at //

According to Terry, Head of Audio4fun Lab, the new version will have significant upgrades compared to the March build of Music Morpher Gold 3.0.

The multitrack editing waveform will be added ON/OFF button. Users from then on will be able to select/deselect the tracks they want to include/exclude in the mix file. This improvement was made due to suggestions from Audio4fun Lab testers, who had felt that multitrack editing module lacked the activeness in switching between tracks.


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