To welcome the New Year 2007, users can easily pick up their favorite high-tech music equipments at great discounted price at Music Morpher Center’s party. Explore yourself with this great offer at

This Happy New Year celebration follows the promotion at this center after a very hectic Christmas program. Freeware, greeting e-card, once-in-a-lifetime coupons for advanced music tools are presented to visitors to free download, enjoy and purchase.

“The greeting season does not end at Christmas but it lasts till the New Year,” said Helen Le – AVnex’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “At Music Morpher Center, music will give you real sense of a holiday season.”

To support the practical need of customers, Audio4fun Customer Care Team has recently introduced the third tutorial of extracting audio soundtrack of a film or DVD disc. Step-by-step instruction is presented at //

“I love the song ‘Christmas is all around’ from ‘Love Actually’ movie and want to have this sweet soundtrack to prepare something special for our coming Christmas,” said Caroline Bradford, USA.

“We’re doing research of how to apply Voice Changer Software in film production. We need to take out the original film’s soundtrack to practice with Voice Changer Software. If we are successful, we find out a way to save much money for film production,” said Terry Dan – a postgraduate of filmmaking school.

Voice comparator is the second most favorite feature of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 according to latest research, announces AVnex.

“Although it’s just a very new feature and available in the Diamond edition only,” says Helen Le, marketing manager, “Voice Comparator has emerged as one of the most attractive features, second to high-quality voice output only”.

Voice comparator involves the simulation of a celebrity’s voice. Users can use the software to morph their voices to resemble the likes of Britney Spears or Bruce Willis.

God knows what they will do next with those Britney sound-alike voices or Bruce ones. But making prank calls and producing parody songs are interesting possibilities.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 is the only voice changer that boasts this comparator. No wonder has it surpassed six hundred thousand downloads on CNET alone.

AV Voice Changer Software users can drop in and check out how they can imitate celebrity voices at //

The new tutorial focuses on one of AV Voice Changer Software’s most outstanding feature in Voice Comparator. According to latest research, Voice Comparator is second to High Quality Voice Output only in terms of favor.

It’s a simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance on how you can morph your voice to resemble the likes of the Britney Spears or Bruce Willis. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the only voice changer that allows user this luxury tool.

First it is necessary that you install PC2Phone software into your PC. Second, turn on VCS and you should notice that: the ON/OFF and DUPLEX buttons must be in GREEN (not RED). Choose a preset nickvoice or a nickvoice you created or adjust the Pitch & Timbre tools as well as other features to have a favorite voice output. Then open PC2Phone program and make a call to another home phone with a different voice .

Note: While calling, you can also adjust Pitch, Timbre, Equalizer, Effects, and Advanced Tune as you like. The Recorder is available for any conversations.

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