After the release of AV Voice Changer Software 6.0 series in early July, AVnex ( started another project to support their customer’s full use of these innovative products.

In addition to the Background Effects feature that has just been added into their latest Voice Changer Software version, AVnex has also focused on other special features of their products – the Parody Voice Maker and Parody Voice Mixer, which allow customers to mimic anyone’s voice. According to Helen Le, Sales and Marketing Manager, their ongoing plan is expanding the add-on library so that customers can freely download the packages to improve the software. ‘We have just uploaded a series of parody voice packages of many famous American Idol contestants such as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, etc.,” said Helen.
(more…) – It’s Bastille Day coming soon, and at AVnex Ltd.’s French site, they are celebrating France’s liberty, equality and fraternity with special offers. Check them out at //

On this 14 Juillet or less commonly but more officially Fête nationale, many cities hold fireworks during the night. Many dancing parties are organised (bals du 14 juillet) and it is customary that firefighters organize them (bals des pompiers). Those celebrations take place from 13 July at night to 14 July. Military parades, called Défilés du 14 juillet, are held on the morning of 14 July, the largest of which takes place on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris in front of the President of the Republic.
(more…) today announced the new release of Voice Changer Software 6.0. All three editions are available for free trial download at: //

This latest version highlights a collection of 15 vivid background effects that allow users to disguise their location in any voice chat conversation. They can mix any one of a wide selection of nature sounds (birds, forest, waterfalls, thunderstorm, cricket sounds), public transportation noises (bus station, helicopter, police radio, production line), or street voices (dog barking, street festival, woman walking) into voice conversations. Users can sound like they are working downtown, relaxing in the forest, having fun somewhere at a party, or in any place they would like to be. Background sounds can also be loaded from a user’s computer, in addition to 15 presets of background effects available in the included effects library.

The last week of June 2007 has seen a new record of AVnex Ltd. In the first month since going live, the Vista-compatible Music Morpher Gold 4.0 has boosted 700,000 downloads on CNET

AVnex Ltd.’s officials said that they were excited by the numbers. Its websites alone pushed over 1,000,000 downloads.

June 19, 2007 – Today, Music Morpher Center has just announced the special summer prices for all products at their home page

“We’re offering low summer prices to our music editor software in order to make them affordable to low income customers, especial young people who account for most of music enthusiasts”, said Louise Anderson, Brand Manager in charge of Music Morpher line. “In the summer, students have more free time and we hope we bring them the opportunity to explore their talents in music. We know that there are a lot of youngsters aim to the music industry in the near future out there.”

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